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Where do I get a base bag?

Official High Quality Bags

English sites:

Independent makers of itabags and a few official ones!

Goods Republic 
Large selection of official bags. A little pricey but shipping is INCLUDED in the price. Great communication and your stuff is shipped right away! Their customer service is very down to earth and honest. Fantastic articles!

Surprisingly, there are some pretty cute and stylish bag bases that can be found on Kickstarter. Many of these bags have been fully funded and there are lots of unique bases here. 

A small selection of quality base bags at a fair price. Shipping is a bit expensive because they do ship from Japan. These bags are official and they have itabag accessories like badge covers available as well.

Foreign sites (you will need a proxy):

Basically a huge person to person marketplace. Items on here can either be brand new or secondhand. It’s similar to Depop so you can be the second, third, etc owner. Keep that in mind when shopping on here. Large selection and reasonable pricing. Pay attention to descriptions and prices if there are multiple items listed. Only certain proxies will buy from Otamart so make sure your using one that does.

Official, high quality bags. Animate also sells anime merch and other items. 

Good quality, good base bag. Comes in a variety of pastel colors. These bag can also be found on AmiAmi, but they rarely restock them. 

An alternative place to get Berry Q base bags. They are a shop that specializes in lolita fashion.

Small bases and accessories. Some of their products can also be ordered from AmiAmi.

Official high quality bags. Some even from series like Idolish7 and Utapri. Another shop that sells merch and other items.

These are the textbook, poster-child, original itabag bases. They have slowed down production on their “deco” line though, so you are more likely to find a base second hand from other sites. 

Thank You Mart
Low quality bags. You pay for what you get, but they are a good cheaper alternative if you are on a budget. These bags can also be found on eBay but are more expensive. These are good to add on to a proxy order you already have due to them being cheap. 

Rakuten JP
Great selection of official bags, brand new and many different styles. FromJapan is a good proxy to use for Rakuten JP because they don’t charge a fee and a lot of shops on Rakuten offer free shipping. FromJapan also often does a 10% Rakuten sale.

Mercari JP
Another great selection of new and used bags. Things can sell quick on here, so if you sit on something for too long, it could disappear!

Yahoo Japan Auctions
Large selection of new and 2nd hand bags and accessories. You can also find good merch lots and bundles. This site is very popular in Japan, and you can get some really good deals especially on discontinued and unique bags. Pay attention to if you can buy now or bid on an item, along with the proxy fees when it comes to shipping and bidding for you. 

Simple small “ita live” pouch and a good quality base.

Earth Music & Ecology
High quality tote style. This company specializes in good designer bags. Earth Music & Ecology also switches out there bag styles often. They will sell one bag style for awhile and then introduce a new item.

Same as AliExpress except bigger and more selection. You will need a Chinese proxy agent to order from Taobao. If you need help, read the Taobao guide.

Berry Q
Berry Q is a Taobao store that makes a style of bag that is well-known in the community. You will need to use a proxy that can specifically deal with Taobao since there still needs to be some streamlining when it comes to ordering internationally from them. If you need help, read the Taobao guide.

Village Vanguard
A newer itabag base store. As of writing this article they only have a few bases so far under their “CHOI-痛” collection, but we look forward to seeing more from VV. 

Cheaper, Unofficial/Bootleg Bags

Cheap, lower quality on some bags. You pay for what you get. As with ordering from AliExpress, stuff will take several weeks to a month to arrive. Most of the bags are not “official” but some are very well made. If you have any questions about a certain bag, feel free to contact one of the mods!

Amazon / eBay / Depop
Most bags on these sites will be from resellers off of AliExpress or Taobao. But some bags sold on here can be official too, ask the seller if you are unsure. Shipping cost and price varies, so do your research! If you have any questions about a certain bag, feel free to contact one of the mods!